Laravel Zero, a micro-framework for CLI applications

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I am currently working on a small side-project which will collect and aggregate data from different sources.

As no GUI is needed and I also want quick results, I decided to go with a pure CLI application.

After this decision I stared researching for possible frameworks as I do not want to reinvent the wheel once more.

Finally I found a neat framework for my use-case: Laravel Zero

As the name already indicates, this framework is build on top of a small Laravel version wich only contains the minimum of components required for a proper commandline application.

If you need additional components, like a database for example, it is very easy to add additional Laravel components (see documentation).


  • Fully build with Laravel components
  • Extendable with additional components like the Logging or Database (Eloquent) component
  • CLI menus with interactive select options
  • Native desktop notifications for macOS, Windows and Linux
  • Scheduler component
  • Ships with a standalone application compiler (Box)

Stay tuned

I will publish a detailed review of this framework after finishing my project!